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Copywriting is all about writing a phrase or sentence that makes the reader want to read the next sentence. And that’s what open loops are all about. It’s a concept from storytelling that relies on our brain’s desire to seek closure. It’s that part of a show where you’re on the edge of your seat, […]

What is an Open Loop (& Why You Should Care)

woman in sweater writing in notebook with pencil

I used to wing everything I wrote back in college. Instead of taking the time to plan out what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it, I would just let the words figure themselves out and hope that at the end, I had something I could post or publish. And let’s […]

Do This Before Writing Copy

Let’s dive deep into one of my favorite copywriting assets – SALES PAGES 💰 I TRULY believe that when you have the sales page for your offer ready, creating all of the other content you need for a successful launch can be a smooth and easy process. That’s because your sales page is the place […]

5 Sales Page Must-Haves

I know that not everyone is ready to hire a copywriter or outsource their copy. It all depends on where you are with your offers and business. But I want to make sure you have the tips and tools you need to write copy that POPS and speaks to your dream clients and customers if […]

3 Easy Copywriting Mistakes

how experts can create irresistible offers

I know I’m all about the copywriting tips, [FIRST NAME GOES HERE]. But today – I wanted to quickly touch on something that can make or break your copy, before you write a single word. And it’s a step that I see online experts skip again and again. To write magnetic copy, you need an irresistible offer. Copywriting is about […]

How to Create an Irresistible Offer

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One of the reasons I hesitated to start my copywriting business was sales. Now, I loved marketing and still do. It’s the perfect combination of strategy and creativity and I’m obsessed. But – getting on sales calls to pitch my services as a copywriter or writing about how people could work with me on social […]

5 Non-Sleazy Sales Strategies

What is an Upsell

Through these blog posts, I want to share easy-to-understand marketing strategies and concepts you can use in your business, without any stress or overwhelm. Today’s Topic ➡️ Upsells: what are they and how they can make you more money 💰 An upsell is an upgraded offer you can make to a customer who has decided […]

What is an Upsell (& A Crossell)?

When you launch an offer online there are a million pieces to put together. Social Media Campaigns… Customer Service… Creating the Offer Itself… Email Marketing… and keeping track of it all can make you just… So I wanted to send a quick reminder that having all of the copywriting for your launch ready-to-go can save […]

The Copy You Need to Launch Your Offer

Maybe you’re growing your online business and you’re ready to start outsourcing and scaling. Or you’re a freelancer ready to level up their services and offerings. Either way, I’m super grateful to have you here. As a copywriter, it’s easy to take what I do for granted and assume what I do is incredibly straightforward. […]

What Does a Copywriter Do?

So I headed to the nearby deli to grab a kombucha for myself (it’s my way of avoiding soda and pretending I’m super #healthy) and I got an interesting email notification. I don’t really remember what made me want to open it but I do remember feeling like reading that email as soon as possible […]

3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

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Martini Sovrene of The Martini Company

“Alina is absolutely incredible!"

"An absolute delight to work with. She was able to take everything that I was struggling to say and turn it into a complete masterpiece of a funnel on the FIRST try!! Turn around time was quick and efficient. I'll definitely be using her services again for all of my upcoming projects. I highly recommend her!! Thanks, Alina!!”

Kelsey Juntwait

Honestly, I don't know how I got by without Copy Checks.

Honestly, I don't know how I got by without copy checks — and now I know I'll never have to live without them ever again!! You could capture my brand voice and turn it into something that's a little more legible and a little more optimized to sell — so I can scale the sh*t out of my own business!!! :) That third copy check will absolutely not be the last.

Amy, Frugal Over Fifty

I would definitely recommend Alina.

I would definitely recommend Alina. She showed a strong ability to hear between the lines of what I was saying. She directed the focus of our conversation to my true priorities and needs. And she provided a wealth of concrete steps and resources to help me begin to immediately implement growth-producing strategies.

Isaro Carter of the Carter Firm

“Alina has been incredibly helpful!"

"With helping me figure out how to market my business, without going crazy. She’s always open to discussing new ideas, giving feedback, strategizing, and more.”

Jenny From the Writers Block - CBT Mindset Coach

"I LOVED every suggestion she had."

“I signed up to work with Alina to upgrade the copy on my website and get concise, straightforward copywriting tips. She was so detailed, clear to the point, and valuable. I’m so grateful for the amazing work she did. She was so honest and gave really good examples and tips. I loved how she gave visual examples as well.”

Joel Louis of Integrator and Co

"We recommend her without hesitation."

"We started working with Alina because we needed a copywriter for our sales pages, typeforms, and email sequences. For our agency alone, on top of helping us finally complete our long-awaited funnel relaunch, Alina has written us email sequences that have gotten REAL results. Alina is a skillful, hard-working copywriter that goes above and beyond, and we’re looking forward to continued work with her in the future."

Rebecca Richardson

"I recommend working with Alina for your writing needs."

"My goal before working with Alina was finding a writer to help me with brand exposure while also helping me achieve peace of mind and getting my time back from doing all of the writing for my business. She regularly takes my thoughts and enhances them into expanded content. She’s wonderful."

Steph Gorton

"I would recommend Alina 100000% times over."

"I started working with Alina so I could outsource my copywriting and free up my time while still creating content that helps my customers connect, engage, and convert. The content is generating incredible engagement and creating conversions too."

Angelica of Leveling Up With Angelica

"I look forward to working with Alina on future projects."

"My goal before working with Alina was finding a writer to help me with brand exposure while also helping me achieve peace of mind and getting my time back from doing all of the writing for my business. She regularly takes my thoughts and enhances them into expanded content. She’s wonderful."

Abby from The Prepared Student

"She crafted creative, straightforward messages!"

"Our primary goal for working with Azaad Agency was to improve our conversions. I would definitely recommend Azaad Agency for copywriting services. Alina was thorough with the ideal client avatar initial phase of the project, which provided a clear understanding for the goal of the copy."