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 8 Out Of 10 People Will Read Your Headline But Only 2 Out Of 10 Will Read The Rest

A Curiosity-Piquing Hook & Headline Is Like An Unforgettable Pick-Up Line.

It Starts A Relationship, A Connection, A Story That Keeps Your Reader Craving More.

Email Subject Lines that help your messages STAND OUT in any crowded inbox

Binge Worthy Social Media Captions that keep readers on your profile, and off of Netflix (for now 😉)

Blog Titles that show off your genius and establish you as the GO-TO in your industry

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    This is SUCH a fair question, but I believe that the answer is ‘no, as long as you have the right intention.’ Hooks and headlines are simply a way to catch a reader’s attention, whether it be on a Sales Page, an email inbox, or a social media feed. If your hook or headline is related to the actual content or value you’re delivering, you’re just making it easier for your words to reach the right audience. But, if you’re using a hook or headline to clickbait viewers or trick them into reading information that isn’t related to what you’re promising, then it’s not okay in my copy book. So, to summarize, it’s all about intention.

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